You all had the dream, at one point or another. Strange dreams are the norm in this life, and prophetic ones aren’t unheard of, but it doesn’t make the goosebumps in the night any less unsettling. Besides, you aren’t even sure what it means, if it means anything at all. And until March 21st, 2012, you had never met anyone else who’d had anything similar.

It starts simply enough. You’re walking down a hall. There are others walking with you, maybe 2 or 3. You can’t see their faces but you seem to trust them. You arrive in a vast room. Before you stand 10 hooded figures before 5 doors, and below them 6 swords. Before you can reach them, a voice bellows out, within your mind and against your ears. You can’t comprehend it, or at least it seems lik you shouldn’t be able to, but you understand.

The Emperor holds the sword and chalice
The Empress holds the sphere
The Magician holds the King of Wands
The Fool spins the Wheel
The Hermit’s Justice reaches forth
The Hierophant will turn
The Tower reaches for the Star
The Devil’s World will burn
Many things are lost and gone
Not all of them forgotten
The Lover’s Sun shall learn its Strength
The Hanged Man’s body, rotten

You wake up.

The Nomad's Vigil

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