The Nomad's Vigil



“What the hell—”
Shit, it’s right on top of him— what the hell is this thing?
Draw. Fire. Damn it Cam, AIM AND HIT IT.
Are you going to let another one die?
That shot didn’t do a damn thing to it. Hit it again.
Holy hell. It’s down. Shit, it has too many fangs. And it was invisible.
“I have no idea. Vampires don’t just grow extra teeth, do they?”

“Guys… it might not be dead yet. Either way, we have to leave. We can’t stay here.”
Hell, not again. We’re drawing attention to ourselves. We have to get out of here.
How badly did it hurt Hollis? He’s bleeding… I don’t know anything about fixing that kind of thing. How much damage did he take? How much damage did it take, for that matter?
I can’t do this. We got attacked out of nowhere by an invisible van-riding beast. It’s a miracle Danny spotted it.
Damn it, pull yourself together. You’ve been through worse, come on.
It was invisible. INVISIBLE. How can you fight what you can’t see?

Don’t think about it. Just… take the keys out of your pocket. Come on, Cam.

“… put it in the back. We’ll deal with it later, we have to go.”
Keep it together, Cam. You’re the one who has to get us out of here.
What if it wakes up in the back of the van? What if it kills us on our way out of here?
What if somebody saw us? If there’s witnesses, there will be cops.
There can’t be cops. If they stop us, we have what looks like a body in the back of the van.
I can’t go to jail again.

Put the keys in the damn ignition, Cam. No, pick them up. This is no time to be dropping things, we need SPEED. No more mistakes.

Shit. What am I doing? I have a “dead” man, a bleeding man and a man with somebody else’s blood on him in the back of my van.
Where the hell are we going to go?
You don’t have time to panic, Cam. Not now. You’re useless if you panic. They need you not to panic, and to do your job. They’re relying on you.

Get a hold of yourself, damn it.

Turn the key. Everything will be fine. You’re in the driver’s seat. You’re in your element. You can speculate later. You’ve pulled us out of worse spots than this— just start the van.

Now drive.


CHarrison kestrelfeather

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