The Nomad's Vigil

Letters to Cam

Hey Cam,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your letters. After everything that went down before I left… Well, it took me awhile to sort things out in my own head, you know? And there’s been a lot to deal with here as well. I know we’ve spoken on the phone but there’s so much that can’t be said over an insecure line. It’s so weird to be this far away from you, after we lived practically on top of each other for so long. I miss you like crazy.

I’m sorry to hear that McMinton is still such a wild card. It’s never good to get mixed up with the Fae. Good thing that he turned them down —he wouldn’t have gotten any blood from me without a fight. Watch your back around him, and ditch him if you even think for a moment that you need to. It’d kill me if you got hurt. And I’d kill him if he hurt you.

I hope that Hollis is still solid? There’s no Night Road in Rome, as far as I can tell, so you should record his radio appearance and send it to me. Somehow I doubt he plays the mindless pop-rock that kept us awake through endless road trips. I really can’t imagine him filling in for Oracle, but I think his voice would be pretty soothing if I were running panicked through the night chasing down monsters. Does he have some sort of codename? General, Captain, perhaps? Ha.

Rome has been interesting. And nice, in a way. Also not-super-nice, because my aunt resents that I’ve come back to claim her place as the heir to the mafia-kingdom or whatever. I’m fairly sure that she hates me. Hopefully this isn’t the kind of R and J thing that comes with assassination plots. Trust me, this place has doomed romance and murder attempts written all over it.

My cousin, though, her son Julian, seems nice so far. I don’t trust him at all, but he’s helped me out a few times now. It just feels like I’m walking in halfway through one of your romance novels. Everyone has been plotting, but I don’t know what any of them want. Anyway, you wouldn’t be able to stand Julian. I know Hollis thinks I’m terrible, but Julian is even sluttier than I am. Which is completely possible, thank you very much.

Tell Hollis I say hi. What is it that he would say? Probably “Give Regan my regards”. So give Hollis my regards, whatever that means. McMinton too, I guess. I hope the Night Road is treating you all well —I’m not sure how I feel about this machine you are dealing with. “Mother”, really? That sounds creepy and sketch as hell. What does it say about me? About the Lucis? I could use some background here, if you can give me any info. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you —especially money and stuff. Since suddenly I’m rolling in it. I’ll do what I can for you.

Remember, if you need me I’ll be there as fast as possible. No matter what.



CHarrison riverlace

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