Alex Harris



We actually have a decent file on her, she’s about as high profile as you get in the Vigil. Be careful of the spotlight, there’s a reason some of use code names.

Dice Pools:
Expression 9, with a specialty in punk. Really, check out the Rustlers if you get a chance
Streetwise 7, specialties in Hunters and entertainment. She’s been touring for a decade, and hunting in every city she stops in
Academics 6, specialty in Anthropology. She was half way to her master’s when the band took off.
Weaponry 5, with a specialty in Machetes. Alex is a self-professed barbarian, and lives like it. She actually got herself banned from the SCA a few years back for… unsavory tactics.

Striking Looks 4
Fame 3


Alex Harris is the lead singer and guitarist for The Rustlers, an all girl punk outfit out of San Francisco. Her turn-ons include loud music, anarcho-primitivism, and violence. Turn-offs include authority, the weak, and vampires. No one has any idea what got her started, but there’s at least a dozen reports world wide of her blowing into town on tour, finding a local cell, and convincing them to go out looking for trouble, usually successfully. Needless to say, not every cell is excited when the Rustlers book a date in their town, but some buy tickets. Some people think she works some kinda mojo, bending people to her will magically, and others just call it force of personality. Personally, I just think she’s hot.

Alex Harris

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