Tech Wizard (Not Literally)


Alpha is Zero’s right hand girl, coordinating his whole operation and providing real time tech support to team’s in the field. When you pick up the phone, she’s the voice you hear, and unless you’re particularly fucked or particularly interesting, she’s the only one. But if you need security cameras on a closed network hacked in a matter of minutes, she can do it. If you need satellite thermal imagery of an underground base, she’s all over it. Just don’t ask her to talk to people too often, or god forbid two of them at once. For as shy as she seems, she certainly dresses uniquely. Whether its over vid chat or, if she absolutely has to, in person, her outfit remains pretty much the same: blacks, tights, jackets, leather patches, and always the collar with the silver pendant.

Ok, Zero insisted on that, but the third person was weird. Hi. Is there a particular reason you’re looking me up? You know I monitor the secure network access, right?


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