Damyn Olseianko

Go Boom


Damyn has been living in America since 1983, since he was barely a teenager. Long ago, he changed his name, stopped making contact with his handlers, and applied for citizenship as Damien Olds. But it doesn’t change that he was sent here as a weapon. The Russians did something to his brain, and for some reason he’s going active now, periodically sending out massive bursts of broad spectrum radiation, even frying Zero’s last field team. If he isn’t contained, readings show that San Francisco is toast within less than 24 hours. Its on you now.

Damyn’s chip was never meant to last this long, and its degrading. He has no control over these outbursts, and desperately wishes to stop them, but is unable to face the only solution he knows for sure will ensure no further deaths. He loves America, and is just trying to live his life. Its unfortunate you had to shoot him in the temporal lobe.

Damyn Olseianko

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