Dylan Kent

Oracle's Wheelman


Profession: Artist

Organization: Network Zero

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2

Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 4

Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 3 (Internet)(Hacking), Investigation 3, Occult 3 (Vampires), Politics 3 (Entertainment)

Physical Skills: Brawl 1, Drive 4, Firearms 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 1

Social Skills: Empathy 1, Expression 4(Drama)(Cameras), Persuasion 1, Socialize 1

Merits: Fame 1, Retainer 3 (Agent), Language 2(Spanish), Status (NetZo) 3, Status (Union 1).

Willpower: 6

Morality: 6

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Sloth

Initiative: 6

Defense: 2

Speed: 10

Health: 6


Supposedly he was a big shot TV producer and writer once, a rising star. But then he dropped off the grid, along with his show, under highly mysterious circumstances. Hunters who had experience with Vampires knew why: his show was far to close to the truth, and even if it was marketed as fiction, it was getting their divisions, politics, and weaknesses into the national consciousness, and they couldn’t have that. He surfaced again in Philadelphia, supposedly died in prison, and then disappeared again, but it appears he’s taken up with The Night Road.

Dylan Kent

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