George Vandeberg

Special Agent


Known Info:

Virtue – Justice
Vice – Wrath

Dice Pools –
Investigation 8, Specialty in Off-Site. Agent Vandeberg is hands off, almost to a fault, but brilliant.
Academics 6, Specialty in Finance. Capone went down on tax evasion, and the feds haven’t forgotten that lesson
Subterfuge 5, Specialty in need-to-know. There’s a lot you aren’t cleared for. Either that, or the esteemed special agent just feels uncomfortable talking to people


There are upsides and downsides to the kind of life you live. More static hunters run into problems keeping things secret from their friends, protecting their jobs, and appearing under suspicious circumstances too often for the comfort of the local law enforcement. Blowing out of town as often as you do makes you less likely to attract attention, but if you do it’s a whole other ballgame. Local cops can be bribed, or persuaded, or brought in on the Vigil, but if you start making a profile for yourselves across state lines, you might draw the eye of a whole host of federal agencies that are susceptible to none of those. The worst case scenario is George Vandeberg, special investigator for the US Marshall’s office. His jurisdiction is almost universal, he rarely gets close enough to endanger himself, and he’s ruthlessly by the book. Watch your ass.

George Vandeberg

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