John Jansen

"Special" Agent


Here’s what we can gather:

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Gluttony

Dice Pools:
Subterfuge 8, with a specialty in his superiors. Marshall Jansen has been getting away with the life he leads for years now
Streetwise 7, specialty in drugs. There would be a lot of arrests if “JJ” had an honest bone in his body
Intimidation 5, specialty in abusing his office. Seriously, this guy is a prick.


George Vandeberg’s partner, but his complete opposite. From what we can tell, he’s spent his career pushing his drug tolerance to new highs and the dignity of his office to new lows, and getting away with it through his Uncle, Representative Jansen (R-KS). He’s harder to get a read on than Marshall hardass, he might actually be in on the vigil, but for every source that says that another says he’s definitely not.

John Jansen

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