Mayor Stevenson

Backwater Despot


Known Info

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath

Dice Pools:
Subterfuge 7, specialty in voters. He’s a politician, how do you think he got to office?
Empathy 6, specialty in bribes. Practice makes perfect.
Politics 5, specialty in Athens. The Mayor normally pays people to think, but he’s been around long enough that he couldn’t help but learn a thing or two.


One of the first rules we tell agents on the road is be careful with Athens. Mayor Stevenson has run that town as a personal fiefdom for the last 25 years, and although he’s not in on the Vigil or under the influence of any paranormal group we can find, he always seems to know when there’s a cell in town. If you’re lucky, the police will escort you to the city limits and let you off with a warning and a severe beating. If not, you won’t be the first troublemakers the Mayor has buried.

Mayor Stevenson

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