Voice on the Radio


At some point, everyone in the Vigil got one. Whether it was from a friend in their cell, a superior in their organization, or off the body of a fallen Hunter, the little silver boxes with the cigarette lighter feed wound up in everyone’s hands. After that, all you had to do was tune to the right station.

“Hello, you’re listening to Night Road Radio, and I’m your friendly neighborhood host, Oracle. If this is your first time tuning in, we have some rules. First, the boxes are tracked. If you’re listening in and not with us, we will find you. Second, don’t call the number unless you’ve either got valuable intel to share or honestly believe we’re your Obi-Wan Kenobi. And as my good friend in studio reminds me I need to translate sometimes, I mean that don’t call unless we’re your only hope. Third, tonight, you are going to do something, anything, to bear the torch a little bit further. Don’t ask me how I know, but I do. And I mean you specifically,…”

Every night its a different name. Everyone swears to know someone whose name was called, but no one ever seems able to own up to hearing theirs. But if you believe the grapevine, its true. If Oracle calls your name, you do something that night, not always something you thought you were capable of, and it always furthers the Vigil, even if just a little bit.

After the opening they give out a number. It changes every 4 or 5 days, always a different area code. Call it, and a digital voice will ask you to press 1 for intel, 2 for assistance. Press 1, and you might end up on the air talking to Oracle, if you don’t mind your voice going out, or off air with someone else. If you have something worthwhile to share, they’ll thank you and promptly broadcast it. If you don’t, they’ll inform you of the address they tracked your call to, and ask you not to waste their time again. Bad things have been known to happen to people who do.

No one most Hunters talk to can claim to have dialed 2. Sometimes one will stumble across the remains of a slaughtered Cell, and it will be the last digit dialed on a cell phone, gently illuminating the carnage. But the rumors say, if you’re ever really screwed, and you’re lucky enough for them to be in driving distance, the Agents of The Night Road might just bail your ass out of the fire. Maybe


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