Regan Amadeo


Name: Regan Amadeo
Profession: Whatever pays the bills. Mostly bartending.
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Morality: 6

Mental Attributes: Intelligence-2, Wits-3, Resolve-2
Physical Attributes: Strength-2 Dexterity-2, Stamina-2
Social Attributes: Presence-3, Manipulation-3, Composure-2

Mental Skills:Investigation-2, Medicine-3, Occult-1(Identification)
Physical Skills: Athletics-2(Gymnastics), Brawl-2, Larceny-2, Stealth-3
Social Skills: Empathy-2, Persuasion-3(Charm), Socialize-2, Streetwise-2, Subterfuge-3

Merits: Striking Looks-2, Unseen Sense(Mages)-1, Ingratiating Wanderer-2, Resources-2, Status(Lucifuge)-2, Contacts-1, Castigation(Hellfire&Tongue of Babel)-2, Quick Healer-1


I’m not really the kind of guy who dwells in the past, ya know? It’s better to focus on your opportunities in the immediate future.

1. Shottie. Every time.
2. Regan shares a room with Cam and NOT Sunny and Damarion, provided he doesn’t bring anyone back with him.

*Worked out between Cam and Regan, generally.

Regan Amadeo

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