Rosie "Sparks" Mendoza

Petalos y Espinas


Dice Pools, but who can be sure what that smile hides?

Persuasion 7, specialty in flirting. Rosie isn’t the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, but she’s practiced long enough to draw every advantage out of the looks she does have. If you start to believe that your pure, masculine charisma has finally softened her icy shell, its probably already too late.

Subterfuge 6, specialty in reciprocal accusations. It may seem like teenage posturing, but this technique is known produce enough annoyance and confusion that the victim completely forgets he was in the process of accusing miss Mendoza of something.

Weaponry 5, specialty in switch blades. The range isn’t a problem; her specialty is getting close to people.


Rosita Mendoza, for the first 16 years of her life, was nothing more than a popular, kind, ordinary girl from lower middle class LA. Then one day she gets out of bed and decides to inexplicably massacre an entire Werewolf pack overnight that national organizations had been chasing for years. Since then, she’s built up a fearsome reputation in the vigil, and she’s not even old enough to drink.

Rosie "Sparks" Mendoza

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