Ruth Kristensen

Mama with the Plane


She’s been out of employ for awhile now, but we have a pretty good grasp on Ruth’s skill set

Dice Pools:
Drive 7, specialties in small aircraft and car chases. She learned flying from her dad. She learned driving from the job.
Empathy 6, specialty in lies to her face. I would not recommend testing this one.
Firearms 6, specialty in revolvers. She keeps her daddy’s long barrel in her jacket pocket pretty much everywhere, and its not decorative
Occult 5, specialty in Werewolves. Ruth has been around the block more than a few times, and its given her a better education than most people get with a masters.


Ruth’s a former FSP agent and an old friend. She’s semi-retired now, although she still helps us out from time to time. Most of her file is locked by personal request, but if you need to know anything just ask me.

Ruth Kristensen

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