The Van

The Cell's Mobile Home Base


Durability 4 (6 vs. ballistic)
Size 16
Structure 19
Acceleration 9 (16 mph per turn)
Safe Speed 99 (65 mph)
Full Speed 132 (90 mph)
Handling 1

Power 1, Finesse 2, Resistance 2

Security 1
Weapons 1
Technology 2


Extra fuel tank
4 gallons of bleach
8 suits


It’s got four wheels and racks in the back, a shiny new transmission, and it frequently smells like bleach.
The van is the cell’s moving home base.

Cam is usually in the driver’s seat, Regan’s usually riding passenger with Demarion and Sunny in the back. The van seems to be bulletproof, as Sunny so thoughtfully discovered. The weapons rack in the back isn’t fancy, but it helps everyone feel better. The tech suite, however, is relatively state of the art. Satellite internet, van-top computer, CB hookup with private frequency, bluetooth network, and a fancy new aux input for the radio.

The Van

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