Man With The Plan


Who knew?

Back in the 90’s, when Network Zero first started getting a profile, everyone assumed it was just trying to sound extreme and cutting edge like everything else in that godforsaken decade. They might as well have called in Network X. Who knew that there was actually a man behind it, prideful enough to name the Secret Frequency’s homepage after himself, but smart enough to not even let anyone know he existed.

But there was, as he’s repetitively reminded me. Besides, Prideful and Smart are the first two things that jump out at anyone after meeting the Z-man. Other than that you never see his face, of course. Sometimes he wears one of those tacky Guy Fawkes masks, sometimes a paper bag with a smiley on it, sometimes the shadows just seem to cooperate, but no one has ever seen his face. This has led to its share of rumors, even among the small number of people who have ever met him. Some think he was horribly scarred in whatever got him into the vigil and out of making millions as a tech executive, some that he’s secretly one kind of monster or another, some that he’s actually one identity shared among several people with vastly different skill sets as needed, and still more think he just likes his privacy.

Whatever the answer, Zero’s not sharing, and neither am I, the only person who could lay claim to actually knowing him. That’s stirred up its fair share of gossip too.

But for everything we know Zero is not, its tough to nail down exactly what he is. He is extremely charming, and ridiculously computer talented, that much is a given. He seems to be Renaissance man, excelling at an absurdly wide range of skills, but its unknown if he’s ever used any of them to benefit anyone in any concrete way. Truth is, he doesn’t need to, no one can remember ever seeing him in a situation he couldn’t talk himself out of.

For now, Zero is your employer. The phones are nice, the mission is the same, and its nice to hav a stipend every now and then. He’s not the first Hunter with secrets, not by a long shot. But time will tell whether the ones he keeps are dangerous or not.


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