The Phone

THE Phone


With reception seeming to border on the preternatural, these phones function almost everywhere, the only exceptions being extreme cases of isolation or specific attempts to block advanced communications. Working equally well as a camera, handicam, and pda, The Phone acts as a +1 Equipment bonus to any Crafts, Expression, or Computers roles made using it as the primary medium. The Phone also contains a small chemical analyzer, advanced gps, and limited auto-hacking features. These measures won’t help against a sophisticated network, but eliminate the untrained penalty on Computer rolls for a character attempting to break into a simple or unprotected network.


It doesn’t have a name. This isn’t the Z-Phone, or the X1138, or something poetic like the Argus. The closest it came to having a name was when Zero wanted to call it the communicator, but Alpha shot that one down quickly. That’s half of what he keeps her around for, it seems like.

No, this phone doesn’t need a name. Its just The Phone. Hunters who’ve been active over the past few years have probably heard of them, and maybe have seen one. Some of the bigger time Netzo hunters have flashed them, and their utility was immediately apparent. Every group wanted them, but those who had them didn’t even know where they came from, one day they had just shown up at their doors.

So now you know

The Phone

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