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  • Oracle

    At some point, everyone in the Vigil got one. Whether it was from a friend in their cell, a superior in their organization, or off the body of a fallen Hunter, the little silver boxes with the cigarette lighter feed wound up in everyone's hands. After …

  • Dylan Kent

    Supposedly he was a big shot TV producer and writer once, a rising star. But then he dropped off the grid, along with his show, under highly mysterious circumstances. Hunters who had experience with Vampires knew why: his show was far to close to the …

  • Jimmy Wessen

    Jimmy grew up poor on the American east coast, despite the vocabulary, you can tell that much by the accent. He got training in violence, but from nowhere official, you can tell that by the action. He used to be a drug addict of some kind, you can tell …

  • Earl Menkin

    Earl was a cop in El Paso for a long time, then a Texas Ranger for a shorter time, until it became clear that even a job with that much freedom got in the way of the Vigil, which he takes about as seriously as anyone you've ever met.

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