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The Night Road and their infantile radio station becoming an issue, infringing on our traditional jurisdictions. Managed to chase them off an issue headed up the California coast. Field Special Projects Team deployed, expect easy success.

3-21-12: San Francisco
New Cell’s first mission together. Compatibility and effectiveness still unknown, but no such thing as coincidences. Excited to see how they perform in future.

4-1-12: Reno
Our police data trolling program appears to have payed off. The wider Reno area has experienced roughly a 60% increase in violent crime in the last 2 weeks, and that figure increases to nearly 80% without including sexual crimes, which have remained steady. This is a god bet for our constructed profile of HPS04. Reallocating resources and deploying mobile team.

4-6-12: Boise
Intelligence asset within HCO02 has alerted us to a stand by order for their major cover up team related to an archeological dig they sponsor in Idaho. Inserting FSP team before situation becomes inobservable.

4-13-12: Minneapolis
Cell simply passing through, expect little trouble.

4-16-12: Boca Raton
After multiple violent or dangerous encounters, FSP Team being assigned mandatory leisure phase. Reevaluation of status after at least 2 weeks. Boca Raton, FL shows the most preferable ratio of lack of drug availability, absence of criminal culture, lack of meaningful diversions and safety to price of accommodations. Surely, even they couldn’t cause trouble there…

5-1-12: ?
The current iteration of the FSP has already experienced a 40% strength reduction in direct casualties, with 20% lost to Section 6, and the remainder in hiding. Risk of blowback now exceeds potential value of recoverable assets, initiating Protocol 3.

- 0

The personal, if brief, mission notes from Zero. Maybe he was updating them to your phone on purpose, maybe it was a mistake, maybe Alpha was slipping them to you. Whatever the case, its useful to know what someone really thinks of you, even if he does want you dead.


Several independent hunters who have previously crossed our radar and several total unknowns are in the middle of a shitstorm on Mother’s web on levels we’ve never seen before in Miami. General Order To Agents If you run into these guys, whoever they are, don’t be a jackass.

Still not sure exactly what went down in Florida, but that cell we were impressed by stumbled into Dylan on his week off doing some political doc in Georgia. He’s already made himself too attached to be a properly protocoled observer, so deploying Tex to do recon and see if they’re as promising as they look. We’ve also clarified their entities: a traveling independent, a young gun cop, a woman making absolutely no use of her PhD, and her weirdly close friend the precocious devil child. That’s a good sign; for one reason or another, the cells that always do the best in these big picture scenarios are composed from strange, seemingly incongruous parts.
personal footnote: I still start to wonder why things are the way they are in this life anymore. Don’t get me wrong, its only for a few seconds at a time, but anymore than that and I might have to kiss my grip on reality permanently bye bye. This one tempted me sorely. What kind of audience do we have if all the most accomplished heroes are also the most dysfunctional and least happy?

Main Page

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